Stillwater Transportation is a family-owned and operated company specializing in moving crude oil and drilling liquid for large producers and commodities traders.  We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing for our “on the job family” and our families at home through trust, integrity and tremendous work ethic.

Our customers appreciate Stillwater’s commitment to superior hiring standards.  Included in that commitment is a standard of safety, professionalism, and trust unmatched by most other organizations.  All standards are established to effectively satisfy OSHA and DOT requirements.  Stillwater Transportation is registered with ISNetworld’s global online database of safe and reliable contractors in the midstream oil & gas market.


Stillwater Transportations trucks are equipped with the latest in asset management technology that allows for dispatchers to strategically locate and deploy our fleet to fulfil the ever changing needs of our customers.  We provide our drivers with tablets for infield data entry allowing real time ticketing and access to pertinent oil purchasing information.

Stillwater is constantly working to add efficiency to our processes through simple, effective and straight forward high quality equipment.  Our dedicated fleet of trucks and Trailers is put through a rigorous maintenance regiment.  Under the supervision of our industry experienced fleet manager, full time maintenance personnel and modern satellite diagnostic tracking we have our thumb on all critical issues pertaining to the safe operation and efficient implementation of our equipment.  Reliability is the bottom line.

Stillwater currently operates in the MonDak region of the Bakken.  Taking the harsh elements of operating in North Dakota and making it as simple as possible.  We strive to meet a goal of being easy to do business with.  We are actively seeking opportunities to grow our customer base in the Bakken.